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Types of Software Documentation

There are several types of software documentation or text that comes with a computer software. The main types include user documentation, requirements, architecture documentation and technical documentation.

User Documentation

Also known as software manuals, user documentation is intended for the end users. It contains instructions on how to use the software properly. According to style of organisation, user documentation can be classified into tutorial, thematic and reference.

Requirements Documentation

It explains what a software does and should be able to do. It is indented for a variety of stakeholders, while the documented requirements also depend greatly on complexity of the software.

Architecture Documentation

Like its name suggests, this type of software documentation is primarily focused on architecture of a software system. Besides with technical issues, it can often also deals with non-technical issues that help architects and other stakeholders in development and use of software architecture.

Technical Documentation

Technical documentation is mainly focused on codes and explanation of codes but it also addresses other technical issues including algorithms and interfaces. It is almost always created by the programmers who rely on auto-generating tools.